Reports & Policies

Disability Guide For Instructors

The EKC Has produced a guideline for Instructors Teaching People with a Disability. Names of two people who can be points of contact for advice will be available shortly.

Inclusive Karate and the EKC

The EKC has produced a short report setting out the importance of inclusivity in karate.

Concussion in School Sports specifically related to Martial Arts

The English Karate Council has received a report from a Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon discussing the issue of concussion in school sports.

This report can be read by clicking on this line.

Mental Health and Well Being

The English Karate Council has produced a short guidance document regarding Mental Health and Well Being and the significant role Karate has to play in this.

A Guide to Karate

The Council has produced a guide to help anyone seeking to engage in karate.  This guide may help to unravel some of the uncertainties that people face when trying to choose quality training.

Dan Grading

While not wishing to interfere in organisations dan grading procedures the English Karate Council has established a policy for dan grading based on intensive research among major quality organisations.